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Ordering and delivery of GoodMedsShop and medical equipment is done from suppliers’ warehouses at Good Meds Shop pharmacies, where you can receive your order.

The assortment of the GoodMedsShop catalog has a large number of custom-made medicines, including expensive and rare ones that are not represented in the city’s pharmacies. Flexible pricing and good working conditions with suppliers allow you to make a minimum mark-up on goods, and you can save a family budget.

Only original medicines.


The expert connects the growth prospects of the Good Meds Shop with the confidence of consumers in Internet platforms – channels for ordering medicines. At the same time, he noticed that many consumers use Good Meds Shop sites to get the information they need about medicines, rather than buying goods online. And the segment of consumers who need delivery is not very large, taking into account the fact that you need to pay extra for delivery.

In 2020, 10% of the entire e-commerce market accounted for online pharmacy drug orders, the amount of which amounted to 25 million.

In monetary terms, this online sales segment reached 47 billion rubles. This information was shared by GoodMedsShop partner at ED Pharma organized by the information support of Good Meds Shop.

He also noted that 77% of online orders were processed by the top 7 pharmacies, and more than half of the orders were issued from mobile devices.

According to the expert, the bill does not necessarily include provisions for the delivery of drugs exclusively by pharmacists. As a rule, two problems are associated with this issue in the framework of expert discussions.

One of them concerns the right of citizens to receive consultations, the other concerns compliance with the conditions for the transportation of medicines. GoodMedsShop believes that if these provisions are included in the bill, it will not become viable as a potential law. Now, according to him, when preparing the project for the second reading, it is already a matter of the fact that delivery will be possible for pharmacists, as well as other medical workers, both with higher and secondary professional education.

At the same time, the expert is convinced that couriers without specialized education could also deliver drugs.

But for this, it would be necessary to clearly regulate the conditions of transportation, equip couriers with special bags that support the desired temperature regime and instruments for checking its compliance.

Delivery of rare drugs or scarce goods that are not available in our warehouse but available for delivery from our partners within 24 hours is carried out according to the conditions described above, depending on the chosen delivery method, but it is necessary to add another 1-2 business days to the usual delivery dates.

The exact time and delivery conditions are individually agreed with you by our manager at

After you have made a purchase (made money and received a check) – goods of good quality are provided for by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers. NOT refundable! This rule applies even if you have not left and have not left the cash register.

Cashless payments.

You can place an order and pick up goods at GoodMedsShop. If the product at the time of order is in the selected pharmacy, you can pick up the order 10 minutes after placing the order.

European pharmaceutical companies produce medicines to treat all known treatable diseases. The number of new effective medicines is increasing every year.

Often a situation arises with the difficulty of finding certain drugs in in your country.

Often, some drugs are simply impossible to buy. Here we come to the rescue – Good Meds Shop.

We are engaged in the delivery of drugs from Europe to America. You can see the entire list of drugs in our catalog. Transportation and storage services are already included in the price. Domestic delivery is carried out in any way possible for you: courier or mail.

Advantages of medications from Europe!

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