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Trinity Suburb is a unique historical complex, where pieces of the history of of different times and in different forms are collected. There are several museums here, one of which is, located in one of the buildings on the outskirts. It is worth noting that officially there is no pharmacy museum in America, but this is the only place in the city where you have a unique chance to plunge into the history of business not only in the capital, but throughout America as a whole.

The history of the appearance of a pharmacy in the Trinity suburb. was opened about three hundred years ago by Ian David Sheyba. Initially, the building served as a residential building, but thanks to the efforts of the architect Ilya Dyatlov and artists Alexandra Dyatlova and Olga Sazykina, the building quickly turned into a harmonious attribute of the whole Trinity suburb (or Trinity mountain). By the way, the suburb was mentioned in literary sources as early as the 17th century, however, it was reconstructed only in the 19th century, and therefore it was planned to open a pharmacy here. in the Trinity suburb is far from the first in America, although in the old days pharmacology did not have such a wide development as it is today. The fact is that in order to open a pharmacy it was necessary to have a special diploma of the Polish king, which was not so easy to obtain. In 1659, the first and only appeared in America until 1782.

It is worth noting that it is made in the architectural style characteristic of the XVII century.
Interior of a historic pharmacy in the Trinity Suburb of
Today, all the interior decoration is preserved almost completely, with the exception of dark furniture, which in previous years was quite popular. On the walls, each visitor can see the unique painted tiles created by Alexandra Dyatlova, which depict outlandish plants and animals. There is also the most important attribute of pharmacies of past centuries – a stuffed crocodile – a symbol of long years of life and good health.

Traditionally, it was suspended above the entrance to the room.
In the walls of the Trinity pharmacy you can find all kinds of attributes of pharmacology of the past: jugs, scales, bottles, caskets, boxes, flasks, distillation cubes, pans and other items. Of particular interest are the ancient books on pharmaceuticals and medicine that have survived to our time. All this serves as a sure sign and confirmation that USA pharmacies were in no way inferior to the European options of that period.
And, of course, in the Trinity suburb performs its primary functions. Here you can purchase rare types of medicinal herbs or more traditional medicines.

And the choice is really impressive.
The second floor of the pharmacy in Trinity Suburb is a museum of the history of pharmacy in America.
Few visitors know that on the second floor there is a real pharmacy history cabinet. However, it is closed for visiting by ordinary tourists: healthcare specialists are dedicated here: they get acquainted with the achievements of pharmacology and the works of the great doctors of the past, they make potions and various compounds at special laboratory tables.
There are four rooms in total: directly a training room, a trading room, where everyone can purchase the necessary products, an assistant and a manager’s office.

It is interesting that the interior of most rooms has been preserved since the XX century.
Visiting a historical pharmacy in the Trinity suburb.
Perhaps, over time, will turn into a real museum. However, today every visitor can enjoy a unique combination of history and modernity. Walking along the Trinity Suburb, you can visit the unique pharmacy building and look at the exposition located inside. The key attractions of are within walking distance from you: