As Sured Pharmacy, ITS TASKS AND FUNCTIONS. and a small retail network (Assured Pharmacy points, kiosks) provide medical assistance to the population in our country. is a healthcare institution providing the public with timely, accessible, benign drug care and a variety of hygiene items. is a health care institution that operates with the permission and control of state bodies, the task of which is to provide the population, medical, health, spa, medical, scientific and other healthcare institutions, enterprises and organizations with medicines and medical products., which is entrusted with the administrative and organizational-methodological leadership of district (city), is called the central district (city) pharmacy., which is intended mainly to provide one or more hospitals, other health facilities, as well as the population with medicines and medical supplies, is called a hospital or inter-hospital pharmacy, respectively.

The main tasks of
1. Providing the population with high-quality and trouble-free assistance through the preparation and dispensing of medicines according to prescriptions of doctors and the requirements of medical institutions.
2. Sale of ready-made medicines that are allowed for dispensing without prescriptions, as well as items of sanitation, hygiene and patient care, mineral waters, disinfectants, dressings, eyewear, surgical instruments and other pharmacy items.
3. The supply of medicines and medical devices to medical institutions.
4. Providing emergency medical care in necessary cases, issuing certificates on the location of the nearest medical institutions.
5. The procurement of medicinal plant materials in the area of ​​operation of
6. Dissemination together with other health care institutions of sanitary-hygienic knowledge among the population, propaganda and promotion of new medicines.
7. Notification of medical workers (through pharmaceutical information cabinets) about medicines, their pharmacological effects, indications and methods of use, side effects and measures to prevent them, contraindications, storage conditions and shelf life, as well as the availability of medicines in the pharmacy.
8. Financial and economic activities.

In accordance with the main objectives of performs production and trading functions.

The production function is the preparation, control and dispensing of medicines, and the sales function is the sale of medicines authorized for dispensing without a doctor’s prescription, as well as items of sanitation, hygiene and patient care, and other pharmaceutical products.
To perform the main tasks, must be provided with the necessary medicines and other items of the pharmacy assortment, reference books, pharmacy furniture, equipment and devices, reagents necessary for the quality control of medicines.
Assured Pharmacy kiosks are institutions designed to dispense to the population the simplest ready-made medicines that are allowed for dispensing without a doctor’s prescription, as well as other products of the pharmacy assortment.

Kiosks are organized in crowded places (at railway stations, marinas, factories, factories, airports, shopping centers, etc.).
Assured Pharmacy points – institutions that dispense ready-made medicines with and without prescriptions, sell other medical products, and also take prescriptions for the preparation of medicines by the pharmacy from the population and dispense them.