Asp Cares

Activation and registration of the pharmacy loyalty card on the official website. is a pharmacy network that positions itself on the market as a discounter, offering its customers excellent service, a convenient online store where you can order medicines, various cosmetics and much more. Of course, you can’t do without special promotions and offers, one of the parts of the loyal customer reward system is the bonus card of the pharmacy regular customer.
The customer loyalty system of the pharmacy network really helps to save, as evidenced by the positive customer reviews that can be found on the network. The program began functioning in May 2018, and now we will analyze in order: what the card gives, how to get it and how to activate the pharmacy card.

How to get a pharmacy card?
Since May 2020, getting a card is simple – just make a purchase more than 5$. The cashier will give you a card absolutely free. If you are a pensioner, then show a document proving your status, make a cashier purchase for any amount and ask for a plastic carrier.
Registration and card activation.
There are several ways to register a loyalty card. Registration is required in order to confirm your participation in the loyalty program.

Activate the card at www
To activate a plastic carrier in this way, you first need to go to the aptekazhivika ru official website, or simply click on the link
You will see the following window. Click on the “Asp Cares” button, in the screenshot it is highlighted in a red rectangle.
Next, in order to activate the card, in the next window you will be required to enter the card number, which is indicated on the back of the plastic carrier, next to the barcode.

If you entered the numbers correctly, then the data will be automatically verified and the following form will be displayed.

You will be required to enter some data:

Your date of birth;

Indicate gender;

Enter a work phone number;

Select a communication channel (phone or email address);

Create passwords and enter it twice.
Fields opposite which an asterisk is drawn are required, those which do not have this icon are optional. Be sure to check the box next to the block where you are asked to agree with the user agreement, if you do not put it, it will not work to register the card. When entered into the activation data, click the “Register” button.

How to activate at checkout at pharmacy?
You can make activation directly at the pharmacy. To do this, ask a network employee at the box office to ask for a questionnaire. Fill in all the data and transfer the completed paper. Employees will fill in all the data and the card will be activated.

Register through a call center.
You can always activate your loyalty card by making a call to the call center. Dial the hotline number, tell the operator that you want to register a card. You will be asked for personal data, as well as the number of the plastic carrier. Then activation will occur.

What do you need to know?
Members of the loyalty program become owners of cards that perform 2 functions simultaneously:
provide direct discounts on goods; give bonuses.
If you make a purchase of a product that is on the list of 73 items, then you will receive 300 points in the form of bonuses, each bonus is equivalent to 1$.
With bonuses you can pay part of the cost of goods that are indicated in monthly promotions. Further, the list of promotional products will expand.
It is not necessary to carry plastic media with you, it is enough to tell the cashier the phone number that you indicated when registering at www or when activating in other ways.

What discounts can I expect?
Cardholders can get discounts from 5 to 25% on 160 different products. It is planned to constantly expand the range, which will be subject to discounts.
We check the accrued bonuses and balance.
You can always find out the data on the map on the official website. Follow the link
You will see the following window:
You will be required to fill in the card and phone number, then click the “Check My Balance” button. Also on the official website, you can not only activate the plastic carrier and check the balance, but also find out the transaction history.

Lost a plastic carrier, what should I do?
If you have lost a card, then it can always be restored, provided that it is previously activated. Make a call first. Inform the operator about the loss of the card and ask her to block.
After blocking, you need to visit one of pharmacies and ask you to give out another plastic carrier and transfer bonuses to it. This procedure takes from 5 business days.
To participate in the promotion card is permanent: Good Meds Shop