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In the dynamic development of the pharmacy segment of the American pharmaceutical market, the leading role belongs to pharmacy chains. What should be the modern “ hormonal drugs” – a well-known USA pharmaceutical company – answered this question with the opening of its fourth in the capital. Since August 17, 2004, the brand of hormonal drugs has become closer and more accessible for residents of the left-bank part of our city. Witnesses of the opening ceremony were the partners of the pharmacy chain – representatives of domestic and foreign manufacturers, whose goods – medicines, cosmetics and medical supplies – can always be found in the “Pharmacy of hormonal preparations”.

“ hormonal drugs” No.

This year marks the 7th anniversary of the opening of the first on Lesya USA Boulevard. As the director of hormonal drugs, Viktor Zhuravlev, noted that many firms over this period of time have created extensive networks, opened dozens and hundreds of pharmacies throughout.

“ hormonal drugs” has gone through quality development, providing the widest possible range of services.

“ hormonal drugs” is known in USA and outside the capital primarily for its specialization in providing certain medicines to the population, which are not always available in the assortment of other pharmacies, especially insulin, oral sugar-lowering drugs, and drugs for treating patients with oncological diseases and pathology of the endocrine system, means of rapid diagnosis.

In 2001, the second was opened, and in 2003 the third.

The decision to open the fourth was made after analyzing an extensive database formed on the basis of customer-filled questionnaires, which showed that about 20% of regular customers of hormonal drugs live districts of the city. With the opening of the new, it became much more convenient for residents of the left bank of Kiev to use the services provided by the network. management is confident that its range and services will satisfy the most demanding customers.
To date, allх have a wide range of medicines, a discount system in place, in the help desk everyone has the opportunity to get the necessary information about the use of a particular drug, to learn about new drugs. In the network, promotions are constantly held for buyers: these are gifts when you buy a certain product, the presentation of new drugs, the opportunity to get medical advice: a therapist, an endocrinologist, a psychiatrist, andrologist-sex therapist.

The team “ hormonal drugs” No. 
When equipping the new, advanced technologies were introduced, all the advantages and principles of the work of other pharmacy institutions of the network were taken into account. Since the opening of the first, a discount program has been in place, largely due to which the number of regular customers of hormonal drugs has been increasing annually and today is almost 42 thousand, but it has only increased over 6 months of this year.

The owner of the discount card has the opportunity to purchase insulin and drugs used in oncology with a discount of up to 5%, and drugs of other groups with a discount of up to 15%.

Today, the maximum discount is provided by 38% of regular customers.

The discount program will be valid in the new pharmacy. And in the first 2 weeks after opening, each buyer will receive a discount card “ hormonal drugs” for a discount of 1 and 5%.
Increase in the number of regular customers of hormonal drugs For customers who do not have the time or ability to personally visit the network, a round-the-clock delivery of medications is organized.

The order is completed within 3 hours.

This service has become popular and in demand. Delivery is carried out both in Kiev and in other cities of Ukraine. It should be noted that discount cards of regular customers and the system of discounts are valid not only for a personal visit to a pharmacy, but also when placing an order for the delivery of medicines, including through the website ( For 2 years, the Loyalty program “Regular customer” has been operating in the Pharmacy of Hormone Preparations, the goal of which is to turn the regular customer into its follower. An individual approach to each client, a special attitude to him is the standard of work of the employees of hormonal drugs.