If within an hour after the creation of the order you have not received an SMS confirmation of the readiness of your order, you can clarify the status of your order by phone.

Enter the name of the drug or a part of it in the search bar. Having chosen the drug of interest, press the “Order” button – a list of pharmacies will appear, where and at what price this product is available. By clicking on the address of the pharmacy, a map will open showing the location of the pharmacy. By clicking on the label of a pharmacy, the operating mode and its phone number will be displayed.

After choosing a pharmacy, indicate the required quantity of the product by pressing the plus to increase it and minus to decrease it, respectively.

Click on the cart image to add a product. After adding an item to the order, you can continue to select the item by clicking on the “Continue order” button that appears at the bottom of the screen. Information about how many goods and for what amount are already in the order will be displayed in the upper right corner. After clicking the “” button, a page with a list of your selected products will open, which you can edit – change the quantity, delete positions. If the drugs you have chosen are in different pharmacies, you will be offered the shortest route.

You can see it by pressing the button “Show the shortest route” – a map will open, which will indicate the necessary pharmacies and the route to them.

After clicking the “” button, a page opens with a list of your selected products, which you can edit, change quantities, delete positions. After clicking the “” button, an order submission form opens, in which you must enter your contact information – name, phone number, email address and additional information, if any. After filling in all the required fields and clicking the “” button, a window with your order number will open.

To order goods in our system, you need to go here: