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All other medicines are sold only by prescription. He may be prescribed by an American doctor.

In this case, he must indicate the name of the drug and its active substance in Latin, dosage and duration of medication.
Tired of finding drugs, checking for ExtraDrugsWeb.com pharmacies and long lines? Looking for a convenient service that allows you to order tablets through the ExtraDrugsWeb.com pharmacy website in a few clicks?

“ExtraDrugsWeb.com” is a modern and convenient online pharmacy, the catalog of which contains more than 70,000 different types of medicines, medical devices and other goods!

The pharmacy catalog contains both inexpensive drugs, including all medicines from the list of vital, as well as highly specialized medicines, diet and hygiene products, and much more. Please note that prescription drugs are not available without prescription.

ExtraDrugsWeb is a network of 24-hour branches located in different areas of Novosibirsk.

With us you can not only buy the necessary medicinal products, but also receive professional pharmaceutical assistance. We guarantee a respectful and friendly attitude to any problems of our customers.
To order the drug through the pharmacy website, just enter its name in the search bar, wait a couple of seconds and select the desired release form and quantity from the list below. A detailed pharmacological description is attached to each medical product.
Order delivery of goods to the selected pharmacy. This will save time and money.

Find items in stock at ExtraDrugsWeb.com in your city and pick them up.

Take part in the development of the Extra Drugs Web project.
To guaranteed to buy goods at the right pharmacy, book them through our service.
The site will help you find out the prices and availability of drugs in the pharmacies nearest you, show where the cheapest drug is sold. You can start the search for medicines right on the main page with the search bar. If you do not remember the full name of the drug, the system will tell you the name when entering.

Moreover, if you do not know the trade name or want to see analogues, you can enter the International Nonproprietary Name ExtraDrugsWeb.com.

A single database for the entire pharmacy network ExtraDrugsWeb with the help of “cloud” technologies Support for the operation of online cash desks, according to the law Work with the labeling of goods Write to e-mail.

ExtraDrugsWeb.com – a search engine for drugs, medical devices in pharmacies in America.

Drug availability information is updated in real time. Free conversation with a doctor.

Details and ordering at ExtraDrugsWeb.com.

The network of our pharmacies Extra Drugs Web has a convenient loyalty program “ExtraDrugsWeb.com”. Participation in the program allows you to accumulate bonuses from each purchase in the network pharmacies. In the period until January 16, 2021 on weekends TRIPLE BONUSES for pensioners.

Details in pharmacies ExtraDrugsWeb.com.

Delivery on pre-order the next day.

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