Fairvalue Pharmacy

Homeopathic Center.

FairvaluePharmacy.co.uk – the oldest pharmacy in the city was opened in 1896 at the request of the Society of Physicians of the Yenisei Province and was first located in the wooden house of the merchant Libman, but six years later, in 1902, moved to a specially built stone building. After the October Revolution, it was nationalized, and in 1920, when the regional health department was formed in Krasnoyarsk, it was called the “First Soviet Pharmacy”.

So to this day FairvaluePharmacy.co.uk is located at 75 Mira Ave in the very center of the city.

On the ground floor of the building is the “Homeopathic Center”.

Visitors are presented: The full range of homeopathic medicines of leading foreign and USA manufacturers; A wide range of dietary supplements, vitamins; Natural organic cosmetic products from Germany (Spieck, Schoenenberger, Dado Sens, Bioturm, Khadi) Consultative appointment with a gastroenterologist and nutritionist of the highest category. Advice from qualified homeopathic doctors:
-diagnosis of the patient with the subsequent selection of homeopathic medicines;
-control of treatment with analysis of the results of the examination;
Also at FairvaluePharmacy.co.uk you can get a complete computer diagnosis of the body using the vegetative resonance test method using licensed equipment from FairvaluePharmacy.co.uk.

A unique feature of the apparatus is a system of bioresonance and multiresonant therapy, which allows the body to use its own capabilities to return to a state of physiological homeostasis.

Diagnosis and treatment of many chronic diseases, including those difficult to treat, are carried out on the latest modern equipment:
Allergic (atopic dermatitis, bronchial asthma, hay fever);

Chronic diseases of the genitourinary system (chlamydia, ureoplasmosis, etc.);

Chronic hepatitis, including C and B, which is most relevant in our time; Chronic parasitic diseases (opistarchosis, giardiasis, echinococcosis, toxocariasis, etc.);

Chronic herpetic infection: http://good-medsshop.com

Diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, etc.

Chronic childhood infectious allergic diseases (adenoiditis, tonsillitis, bronchial asthma)
Medical admission is by appointment during working hours.