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The largest pharmacy chain curtailed its activities in the American region.

140 pharmacy outlets located in the region have closed. The official version – the business fell apart after the death of its main founder, Grant Bezruchenko. According to unofficial information, the co-owners of the business “leaked” it for good remuneration received from competitors.
Since the end of autumn 2015, pharmacy outlets began to close en masse in all regions of Russia. In the Ulyanovsk region 140 pharmacies ceased to exist (53 of them in Ulyanovsk). It is impossible to ignore the fact that in some places is “repainted” under another brand – “Pharmacy of low prices”. That is, the same shelves, products and staff remain in the pharmacy. Only the sign changes. At the moment, the official website of does not work, contacts do not work.

Note that both companies – and, and opening in its place, “Pharmacies of low prices”.

People familiar with the pharmaceutical business talk about the death of the owner and founder of the business, Grant Bezruchenko, about the main version of the elimination of He died on November 14 in Moscow, the cause of death of the businessman is unknown.
In 1990, Bezruchenko and his friends opened a youth center in his native Samara, which was soon transformed into a trading company selling furs, non-ferrous metals, computers, linoleum, and ruberoid. Bezruchenko gave the business a catchy name – Since 1993, the company has specialized in the wholesale and retail sale of medicines and pharmaceutical products. Since 2001, the company’s management decided to stop the wholesale business in order to expand and develop the LLC regional pharmacy network. By the second quarter of 2015, the pharmaceutical network comprised 1,385 pharmacies.

Under the brand, there were retail outlets located in US and Chuvashia.

According to the results of 9 months of 2015, the pharmacy chain (1,385 pharmacies) ranks third in the ranking of the DSM Group pharmacy chains. The company’s revenue for the three quarters of 2015 amounted to $ 18.8 billion.
And it just so happened that the successful and profitable pharmaceutical business disappeared from the Russian market after the sudden death of its main shareholder, Grant Bezruchenko. The very day after his funeral, launched the process of curtailing its activities in Russia. As a result, two months after the death of a businessman, almost all 140 pharmacies with chamomile that existed in the Ulyanovsk region for more than 13 years were closed.
The press service of the Canada refrained from commenting, citing commercial secrets of private private pharmacies. liquidation questions to its head office located in Samara, but contacts were not available for communication.

Then the journalist of the portal contacted the administration of the “Pharmacy of low prices”, whose pharmaceuticals began to appear on the site of, which had sunk into oblivion. However, they recommended us to contact them in the middle of the week, because there was no leadership on the spot.

More or less clarity was made to the situation at the regional office of “Pharmacies of low prices”:
“Yes, now our pharmacy network is actively developing, new retail areas are opening in Ulyanovsk. But we have nothing to do with Landlords offer premises for our pharmacies, and we already occupy them. We have no premises in the property. We can’t comment on the fact that, supposedly, the “Low Price Pharmacy” is now located in the premises that belonged to before. “
Note that, according to unofficial information, the departure of from the pharmaceutical market was the result of agreements that were reached between co-owners of and its direct competitors.

Low Price Pharmacy is part of the pharmaceutical company, founded in 1977 in Samara.

According to the official website, the pharmacy network operates in 6 regions: in Samara and the Samara region, in Ulyanovsk, Penza, Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Almetyevsk, and Volgograd.
It is known that is registered to a legal entity 100% owned by the private limited liability company Nickey Holdings Limited, registered in Cyprus. According to open data from the tax inspectorate, since the end of 2017, the director of the company has been Evgeny Yankov.
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