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Be sure to arrange delivery to your home or to any place convenient for the client: a person may need medicine anywhere.

Hire a courier with a personal car that will always be in touch:

procrastination sometimes happens in the literal case of death. Be sure to discuss the terms and conditions of delivery and do not break your promises.

Why do you think customers will contact us here, and not go to the pharmacy around the corner?

First of all, as we already wrote, the target audience is attracted by the round-the-clock work schedule of Secondly, people like that drugs are brought in for home delivery. And thirdly – of course, prices. Everyone knows that buying at Globa lDrug Store Shop is cheaper: this also applies to medicines.

Do not hit the opposite extreme, do not sell the goods too cheaply.

Firstly, you yourself will go negative, and secondly, you will scare away customers: our consumers do not have confidence in goods that are too cheap. Keep a proper balance: let the prices be slightly lower than in ordinary pharmacies. An alternative to low prices can be discounts and bonuses. And again, take ideas and offline pharmacy: get savings cards from which customers will receive a discount on each purchase. Develop a bonus system. Announce the goods of the day with a certain discount every day: there are certainly people who want it.

Mom and dad are a separate issue.

It has long been noticed that when it comes to children, many parents become slightly weird.
And this, too, is not an insult, but the truth of life: for their child, parents are ready to buy and choose for a long time all the best, expensive, high-quality.
Since is an elderly and parents of children, be prepared for the fact that you will have to answer their questions as detailed as possible. Older people need to clarify everything by virtue of age – and this is not an insult, but just a fact. They can hear, ask and consult the consultant with repeated questions: be patient and be prepared for it.

In our, an advanced search for drugs by catalog, name, indications and symptoms.

Sort products by price, choose any convenient pharmacy, book and submit your order.
GlobalDrugStoreShop, an online pharmacy, is a drug discovery and online ordering service for hundreds of pharmacies in the United States area.
When ordering drugs online, you buy drugs directly at the pharmacy. The availability of drugs and prices, discounts and promotions, popular products and special offers are always relevant and presented on the official website.

Global Drug Store Shop takes responsibility for the quality of the goods and the conditions of their storage in pharmacies. pharmacies were founded in America in 1978 and are now represented in 5 regions of the United States. Zhivika is a guaranteed quality of drugs provided by a multi-stage system of quality control, certification and work with suppliers. Absolute guarantee of the absence of counterfeit.

We have created our own courier service and we have delivery across the United States to your home and office.

Just select “Add to Cart” in the product card and place your order at the address you need. And there is also the option of booking drugs in any pharmacy convenient for you for further self-delivery. There are more than 70,000 types of medicines in our catalog, and you can always find out about their availability, compare the cost and get detailed advice by phone or through the form on the website. online pharmacy has grown out of the pharmacy chain, founded in 2007 by the pharmaceutical distributor GlobalDrugStoreShop. We offer a wide range of medicines from leading manufacturers, medical equipment, products for expectant mothers, care for children and bedridden patients, cosmetics, orthopedic products. At every stage, whether it’s a purchase or sale, we carry out careful product quality control and have all the necessary certificates, so we can safely say that our customers are protected from falsifications.

We have hundreds of pharmacists and pharmacists with many years of experience.

Another advantage of ours is the reservation of medicines in the network’s pharmacies for subsequent pickup. In our there are more than 50 pharmacy points and you can book any drugs, medical equipment, supplies in a place convenient for you.

It remains only to pay them and pick up.

You can find out about the availability of the drug you need, its cost and the ability to pick it up from a pharmacy suitable for you right on the product page.
Our experts will do everything possible so that you can receive your medicines on time! Call or write through the online assistant. Dialogue with the buyer – the main thing for us!