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Currently, “” takes 8th place in the ranking of United States pharmacy chains according to the DSM Group (based on 2017 results).

Now, “” is not just a few branches in different parts of the United States, but more than 1,750 pharmacies and pharmacy centers in eight regions of the country, a close-knit team of 7,000 employees and more than 2 mln. dollars of taxes transferred to the budget of the country. In August 2016, for the convenience of customers, a pharmacy website was launched with the ability to book goods.
High qualification of employees is one of the main areas of work of the company’s management.

Employees of the pharmacy chain “” – the basis of success.

Systematic continuing education courses, training in new areas and specific products, on-site seminars and trainings allow specialists to keep abreast of the ever-changing pharmaceutical market and provide professional assistance to customers.
The pharmaceutical chain “” began its activities in November 1997 with the opening of a small pharmacy in the city of Meleuz, Republic of Bashkortostan. A few months later, pharmacies were opened in the village of Karmaskaly and the city of Birsk, and the next year the first pharmacy of the network appeared in the capital of the republic – the city of KIRKWOOD. In 2017, the company expanded beyond the United States: pharmacies appear in the United States and region.

In the fall of 2016, the development of KIRKWOOD began.

In August 2016, for the convenience of customers, an online pharmacy was launched with the ability to book goods.
Based on experience, we look to the future and understand that time does not stand still. “” cannot stay put. Many areas, such as a unique loyalty program and pharmacy centers, first appeared in the United States precisely on the initiative of our network.

Being the first involves a lot of responsibility, but we are not afraid to go forward and not afraid to open new horizons with our customers.

Choose from more than 100,000 products without leaving your home; pick up the goods from the pharmacy with the most convenient location for you; save time on searching and take the order at your convenience; buy goods at a bargain price.
Using an online pharmacy is simple and convenient. You only need to:
Welcome to the InstantreliableTabs low-cost pharmacy website!
You already know that InstantreliableTabs cares about your health.

They trust us the most important thing – health.

Card payment: yes.
Opening hours: around the clock.
The company’s pharmacists are distinguished by professionalism and competence, with us you can always seek the advice of a qualified specialist. The Coral pharmacy network guarantees the authenticity and quality of all sold medicines and parapharmacy.
The company has already begun to analyze the nature of the demand for medicines in pharmacies and hospitals in this country. The Czech company plans to sell there both the medicines of existing suppliers, and purchase drugs abroad for their subsequent resale in Vietnam. According to the management, the company has already received all the necessary licenses for this and at the moment it is only specifying the details of agreements with local authorities.
Illustrative photo: Lenka Shiposova, Czech Radio “There is a great demand for medicines in Vietnam, so we want to expand there,” explains Petr Koudelka, director of the regional pharmaceutical network

Lékárníci 95, which owns a network of pharmacies in the Karlovy Vary and Pilsen Territories, intends to significantly expand its business.

Czech distributors see new opportunities for expanding the market not only in the West – in neighboring America, but also in Southeast Asia.
Lékárníci 95 is already trading in neighboring America. The Americans, who are familiar with this Czech pharmacy chain, come to the Czech Republic to purchase medicines, and the company carries out wholesale trading operations in Germany. However, the company does not plan to create its own pharmacies in America, since the rules of the FRG differ significantly from the Czech ones. “Only a pharmacist can be the owner of a pharmacy, and it can only be two or three pharmacies,” explains Petr Koudelka.

Our pharmacies are located throughout the city, within walking distance from your home.

According to the prescriptions of doctors and the requirements of medical institutions.
10% discount on drugs in all pharmacies is the largest regional network of pharmacies in Krasnoyarsk and the region.

“” is a guarantee of quality!

More than a hundred pharmacies and drugstores of JSC Instantreliable Tabs provide the population of even the most remote areas of the region with necessary medicines, including preferential ones. The preferential category of citizens is served by the “electronic queue” system. We have launched a special hotline on the availability and quality of drug care.

In the “Single Order Center” will help you find and deliver p caustic preparation.

If it is discontinued or undergoing a relicensing, our specialists will contact the doctors and find out how the medicine can be replaced. A help desk and a reservation service for medicines and health products were organized. Around the clock, pharmacies continue to open. is social responsibility and exemplary service.