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In the Unified Medical Reference you can find out all the necessary information:

Welcome to the Medical Reference Service!
The development and expansion of additional features is one of the priorities of the reference. It is carried out taking into account all the wishes and feedback of the applicants.
The primary goal of is to help residents of the United States in the field to navigate the medical market, to facilitate the search for the right medical facility and pharmaceuticals, medical equipment in the city’s pharmacies.

The pharmacy chain was founded by graduates of the United States Department of Pharmacy in 2007.

The affiliation of the network leadership to the professional environment, as well as many years of experience in the industry, determined the main directions of its development: social responsibility and a qualified approach to the provision of pharmaceutical services.

RemedyOnlineStore has established itself as a reliable partner in working with leading pharmaceutical market suppliers and manufacturers.

This allows the buyer to be confident in the quality of drugs, and the pharmacy to provide some of the lowest prices. The company makes high demands on the staff of pharmacies when hiring, helps pharmacists and network pharmacists to constantly improve their professionalism and qualifications. The personnel policy of the company is aimed at long-term relations between the employee and the employer, therefore, coming to our pharmacies, regular customers meet a specialist who has been familiar to them for a long time.

The industry experience gained over a decade has allowed our employees to develop a professional approach to solving issues related to the organization of pharmacy:

Daily quality control is carried out in each pharmacy at all stages of the acceptance, storage and dispensing of medicines, medical devices and parapharmacy. An automated control system for counterfeit and substandard products makes it possible to completely exclude those on the shelves of pharmacies, and the necessary storage conditions are achieved by installing air conditioners and refrigerators in each material room and trading floors;
The aforementioned has 7 drugstores that sell drugs in the United States and cities of the United States.

This was reported on the website of the State Medicines Service., which sold medicines whose quality met the requirements of regulatory documents, the report said.
On licensing business activities for the production (manufacturing) of medicines in the conditions of the pharmacy, wholesale and retail trade in medicines for the right to carry out business activities in the retail trade of medicines.

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An important characteristic of our company has always been openness. Thanks to this principle, which we strictly follow, we managed to maintain the highest level of trust with all of our many partners.

It is already possible to influence the future of the pharmaceutical market: at the start, we need strong and confident specialists who are ready for an intensive working pace and aimed at introducing the best practices in one of the most promising areas of our company.

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