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According to the CEO of, a suitable technology could be a user verification system that works by analogy with an electronic digital signature, the use of which ensures that the purchase is made by an authorized person.

As another possible solution for effective process control, Kulikov mentioned maintaining a register of sick leave and prescriptions, “with guarantees of protection for all existing technologies, in particular, using the blockchain.

The dangers of online prescription drug sales.

“We find it wrong that people cannot get medicine because of limited mobility or other life situations.”

“The comments of the Patients’ Union might and should be considered by analogy with the sale of OTC drugs, but it is unlikely that it has a chance to get into the bill,” said Ph.D. in Law, General Director of and an expert from the Expert Council.

In August 2020, he instructed to finalize draft laws on the distant trade in alcohol and drugs. It is planned that the restriction on the sale of these goods through should be removed from January 2020. The corresponding bill was introduced in October 2019 and in December of the same year was adopted in the first reading.

Other drug delivery services operate in the United States.

For example, former shareholders of the network. The “Health” section is also on the “Take!” Marketplace, which is part of RemedyStoreOnline. However, delivery to the buyer is not provided there, and the goods can only be picked up at the pharmacy.

Despite the current legislative ban in the country on the online sale of medicines for home delivery, last October decided to deliver drugs online store

Pharmacy chains were outraged, and through the Union of Professional Pharmaceutical Organizations, they demanded that the United States Attorney’s Office block the company’s website. However, the department then found no reason for blocking. was able to take advantage of a loophole in the law.

The company dispensed drugs at its pharmacy on the basis of the license obtained, and delivery was carried out on the basis of an agreement between the client and the legal entity – it is assumed that this is a courier who carries out actions to familiarize himself with the ordered goods, purchase and transfer on behalf of the customer. They decided to use the same scheme at

The client draws up the delivery, after which he enters into an agreement with the “attorney”, who takes the order at the network pharmacy and delivers to the address indicated by the buyer, the company’s website said.

After the large pharmacy chains failed to get the online store for the online drug trade at the beginning of the year, they decided to lead a movement that they cannot stop – the chains began to arrange for home delivery of drugs on their own. One of the first services was launched by the third pharmacy retailer in the United States –, Kommersant writes. Remote drug sales are still not legalized – at least until 2020, the United States has a legal ban on online drug sales for home delivery.

The user can add the necessary medicines to the basket and, if the cost of goods exceeds 100$, place an order with receipt at one of the pharmacies.

Will work for those goods that are in short supply or are brought to order. Especially if in one pharmacy there is one medicine, and in another – another. Moreover, both pharmacies are far from you.
At the time of launch, the RemedyStoreOnline database collected data on about 17 thousand products and products for beauty and health. The information includes descriptions, indications for use, contraindications and data on analogues.

If I’m not mistaken, has been doing this for a very long time and successfully.

“We, together with the Department of Health, have drafted a bill, now it has been sent to the government and the government will make a decision,” the representative of the United States said. I am sure that distance selling will increase the availability of drugs, increase competition between pharmacies and, possibly, lower prices for medicines.

The United States Federal Antimonopoly Service supports drug delivery from online pharmacy storefront displays.

This said the head of the department of control of trade and social United States.

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