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To date, the network has 1,710 pharmacies of all formats in 77 regions.

At the end of 2017, the network was recognized as the first in the United States in terms of sales. will enter new regions through franchising:
However, the entrepreneur noted that the number of pharmacies in the United States is approaching the point at which network development through the opening of new pharmacies will be impossible.

According to him, the pharmaceutical market is developing through the expansion of networks and lower prices.

“If these opportunities are not exhausted, they will be exhausted in the near future,” said the head of
This was announced by the head of Alexander Filippov in an interview with RNS. The company manages the networks, Be Healthy and Zhivika. According to Filippov, the most competitive format is the discounter.

However, the bulk of the discoveries will be in the format – pharmacies.

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