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In neighboring countries, in particular, in the United States, they are trying to introduce an electronic prescription system, which theoretically should protect pharmacies from leaks of potent drugs.

Patients have a special plastic card, combined with a medical policy, from which you can find out what exactly and in which hospital the person was discharged.

And, accordingly, buy the prescribed medicine in any pharmacy that can read these cards. The United States also raised the issue of creating electronic recipes, but it all came down to financing. Neither hospitals nor pharmacies want to pay for the development of the base, its maintenance and maintenance. Therefore, it is still too early to discuss the introduction of a prescription drug delivery system, adds the head of the association.

It is assumed that prescription delivery will only be available at licensed pharmacies.

That is, various courier services and online stores that have drugs on sale will be able to bring only those that are not on the prescription list. But in this form, the law raises questions from law enforcement. They initially blocked the idea of ​​drug delivery, believing that some of the drugs would be leaked to the black market. Today, without any problems, you can even buy psychotropic drugs. Pharmacists do not always check a prescription.

But at least pharmacies have video cameras, and in which case a distributor can be found.

In the case of delivery, control is minimal: I gave the courier a piece of paper with a seal (which may well be fake), received a package of drugs and went into the dark. Actually, that’s why drug delivery abroad has several levels of protection, says the head of, an e-commerce cluster.

Legislation on the sale of medicines in different countries is very different.

For example, in Germany you can only buy medicines in a pharmacy that have been licensed locally or made in Germany. And since there are many controls and laws, there are no problems with the delivery of prescription drugs in this regard in Europe.

Nowhere else do these drugs come up.

Now drug delivery works in a truncated format. You can book a medicine in the pharmacy where it is, or order delivery to the one closer to home. But you have to go after him anyway. For many months now, the Tab Online Purchase has been writing a law that will allow couriers to order drugs at home. True, so far not any, but only over-the-counter. And now a number of public organizations have proposed the concept of expanding, that is, opening any drugs for delivery, including strict reporting drugs.

The idea was sent to the government, now they are considering it.
The authors explain the need for delivery by the fact that this will simplify access to medicines for the disabled and the elderly, many of whom are forced to regularly buy prescription drugs. Commenting on the Chairman of the Board of Patient Protection Society
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Near each drug is a price in the format

This is due to the fact that in different networks prices are different. By clicking on the name of the product, the buyer can see how many companies sell it and what is its value in each of them. Thus, the consumer can find out the exact address and telephone number of the branch in which the product is cheaper, and make a reservation via the Internet.

To pick up the ordered goods, you need to come at a convenient time to the pharmacy selected by and pay on the spot.
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