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In August 2017, it became known about the development of the concept of transforming branches into modern centers where they will provide banking, educational and medical services, sell consumer goods and alcohol.

The project is designed for 2020-2027, its cost is estimated at 87 billion dollars. “The topic that excited everyone in the summer, that drug delivery couriers should be people with a pharmaceutical education, has been removed from the agenda of the State Duma. Couriers are not pharmacists, ”says, deputy general manager.

“The pharmacy range at is now minimal. With the adoption of the law, we will have the opportunity to connect pharmacies to our system so that customers can make a consolidated order: pay for products and medicines in one basket. Delivery costs will be reduced due to a sufficiently large average check, ”says TabsInstantShop, Director of Government Relations.

He believes: to fight innovation is useless.

“There is a good expression: if you can’t win, lead. Now we are at a point where pharmacy chains can join marketplaces to together make a cool product for both consumers and them. “Otherwise, distance trading will do it anyway, but without them.”

Trade by law To implement these plans, you must rewrite federal law.

The United States is now officially banned from selling drugs online. Despite this, many offer their customers reservation services – the products ordered through the website can be obtained at the nearest pharmacy. A bill repealing the ban on the sale of medicines via the Internet for home delivery has been pending since 2020.

Last week, the relevant health committee approved and recommended the adoption of an amendment to the second reading of this draft.

The online sale of OTC drugs is planned to be allowed from July 7, 2020, and prescription from January 7, 2022. The sale of prescription drugs was postponed because it requires electronic prescriptions that most United States doctors do not know how to complete.

Because there are very good reasons to order drugs with delivery, at
Prescribed bed rest. The post-holiday version of the reason is that it’s possible to go outside, but there is no strength. In any case, drug delivery is perhaps the only way to quickly get on your feet.

Modern city life does not leave much free time. Go about your business at work or at home — let the delivery company spend time looking for medicine and delivery.

Are available.

To the understanding that the usual pharmacy may not even contain the necessary medicines, many delivery service customers do not come immediately, but only spend an hour or two running around TabsInstantShop. In the average pharmacy there are about 4 thousand items of goods, and, for example, in the drug delivery service “” there are more than 7 thousand. The probability that the drug delivery service will have the right drugs and in the right amount is much higher. Availability can be specified by phone.