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Only licensed products from European manufacturers.

Many buyers are interested in why this happens. The fact is that often in the United States, medicines and medical products come through a long chain of intermediaries, and purchases medicines directly from the supplier or from an authorized dealer. This allows us to offer customers competitive prices.

At the same time, prices for European medicines are lower than in United States pharmacies.

I would like to purchase 2 more packs of the same drug in the same dosage – 160 mg (per month), then, next month, I will contact you again.
Drug regulations are stricter in the United States than in America. Most “serious” drugs – antibiotics, strong painkillers, antispasmodics, hormones, insulin, some antihistamines – are sold only by prescription. Pharmacists keep strict records of them.

Some doctors have an agreement with pharmacies to order drugs by phone or SMS.

The pharmacist will simply put them off for you on demand.
Keep in mind that customs officers have the right to ask you for a prescription for medicines (especially for potent medicines). No drugs or toxic substances are allowed in the United States.
The regional pharmacy warehouse regularly replenishes the range of medicines with new high-tech drugs developed by leading pharmaceutical companies in the world.

All drugs, including non-medicinal products, dietary supplements, pass strict control, which guarantees the quality and safety of all goods arriving at the pharmacy shelves.

Along with the wholesale and retail sale of medicines to medical institutions and individual customers, is the only company in the region that performs socially significant tasks to provide medicines to privileged categories of citizens, and also manufactures medicines according to individual prescriptions prescribed by medical and preventive doctors institutions.
Despite almost a century of work experience for the health of the population of the region, does not stand still, constantly improving, keeping up to date and even ahead of it.

Secondary Specialized Pharmaceutical Education.

Knowledge of the range of medicines and medical devices • At least 2 years of experience at the first table • Basics of computer literacy • Additional training and seminars are welcome • Fluency in the United States.
Reception of orders is carried out daily around the clock. Delivery is carried out on On the day the order is received, all applications executed here are Delivery of orders placed after the specified time is postponed to the next day.

United States State Quality Assurance. online pharmacy and TotalFastRemedie pharmacy chain are government agencies. Buying goods in our online pharmacy, you will receive a product with a state guarantee of quality!
And if any product or medicine is not available, then you can always contact our specialists through the pop-up window on the website, on the feedback page, or request a call back there.

And also by phone:

“” occupy a leading position in the pharmaceutical market of the American region. And as a leader, we are constantly working to make our products as accessible as possible for all categories of citizens.