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A WIDE RANGE OF MEDICINES, medical products, medical equipment, health products, baby food and medical cosmetics-provides maximum opportunities to meet the needs of all our customers.

Wholesale Price Pharmacies are located in United States. The network development strategy envisages not only an increase in the number of pharmacies, but also an expansion of their geography in the United States.
Our task is to satisfy the needs of each customer in the means of treatment and prevention of diseases.

Founded in 2012, the Wholesale Pharmacy Chain is actively developing in the United States pharmaceutical market.

The network currently has over 250 pharmacies.
As the editorial office of the portal told the company’s press service, the pharmacy chain not only does not slow down the growth rates that it gained in 2013, but even increased them in January 2014.

New network pharmacies started working:

In mid-January 2014, the network continued its development by opening new outlets in the United States.
An online (online) pharmacy is a portal site that provides useful information for its customers (product instructions, useful articles, promotions, company news and more), and also makes it possible to order medicines and medical devices in a convenient physical pharmacy, that is book at a bargain price, and then come to the selected pharmacy when placing an order and take your order without waiting, presenting the order number. As a rule, the United States online pharmacy operates seven days a week, regardless of weather conditions, public holidays – online pharmacy customers never encounter a situation: a pharmacy was closed, the goods were out of stock or the queue was too long.

The advent of high-speed Internet and, more recently, mobile Internet has greatly contributed to the development of online pharmacies, whose work is somewhat similar to the work of an online store.

As a result, the pharmaceutical business could not ignore such a global phenomenon, and soon online pharmacies began to appear on the online market. The pharmacy chain also offered a lucrative offer, the United States Low Price Online Pharmacy Store, now known as

The United States online pharmacy is also convenient because you can make an order anonymously, without having to tell your diagnosis not only to the pharmacy staff, but also to the entire checkout line.

As the department established, enterprises posted signs “Low Price Pharmacy” at drugstores. According to the results of monitoring retail prices for medicines, it was determined that these companies offered lower prices than competitors, only for individual medicines.

At the request of the branch of the enterprise, illegal actions were stopped.

“Retail prices for medicines in the networks of pharmacies are different and constantly changing. The information “”, which is available at pharmacies, must be reliable and not mislead consumers throughout the entire period of its distribution. Therefore, in order to assert that prices are low in a pharmacy, an enterprise must constantly monitor the retail prices of medicines of other enterprises (competitors), ”commented Natalya Kuchugura, the chairman of the department. United States Regional Office of the Antitrust Committee US2USshipment has ceased acts of unfair competition for the dissemination of misleading consumer information by United States CJSC.

This is stated in the press service of

If, based on the monitoring results, the retail prices for medicines of the company are higher, the information “US2US shipment”, which is available at the pharmacy, will mislead consumers and do not correspond to reliable data.